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amanda + jonny | Westside Provisions

So many awesome shoots from the past few weeks to share.. not enough blogging time! Luckily, this past weekend was the first wedding-free one in nearly two months (!!), which gave me the chance to escape up to Blue Ridge with Michael’s family for a quick respite. We would go out for hikes during the day and then come back to the cabin for some quiet times with the puppies + photo editing sessions. Perfection!

Here are a few of my faves from Amanda and Jonny’s Westside Atlanta engagement session. We hit up a couple of spots around Westside Atlanta, including right outside Ormsby’s, where this sweet couple got engaged. Jonny proposed after secretly flying over 4000 miles from the UK to Atlanta and surprised Amanda in front of all her friends and family. Watching their engagement video is a sure-fire way to make me all weepy (in a very good sort of way).


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