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So thankful to have a beautiful alma mater like Georgia Tech to return to, weekend after weekend (even if our football performances have driven me to tears in public, multiple times).

Alyssa and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning to shoot in. Thank you Georgia for keeping the outdoor photo season nice and long.. even up until the late months of November and December. We weren’t the only ones to take advantage of the sunny day either – we ran into at least two other portrait shoots on campus that morning! How cute would it be to do a family shoot here someday? Hmmm…

Enjoy the photos! Alyssa is such a wonderful soul and her family is just AMAZING. Special guest appearance by Caitlin towards the end! I’m going to truly enjoy having these photos to look back on as both these girls trot off around the globe to save the world and small things like that. Any chance y’all can bring me along as a carry-on to SE Asia? Pretty please?

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