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milk and honey | BEHIND THE SCENES

Feeling rather nostalgic recently as we prepare for our upcoming move (!!) to San Francisco.

What better way to reminisce than to look back on some past shoots? One of my favorite experiences so far in shooting has definitely got to be the time I helped assist on a fashion editorial shoot. Under the incredibly skilled hand of Haley Tetreault, “Milk + Honey” was published in last October’s issue of Ellements Magazine. It was an incredible experience that taught me what it’s like to work with a multi-talented group on creating a themed vision. Bless that 4:45am wake-up call. Who knew you could feel so energized so early?

All outfits generously donated by Natt Taylor’s FW14 collection and Olivia Hargrove’s fabulous own closet. Check out some of Haley’s final photos here!


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