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I’ve revamped some of my workflow processes when it comes to blogging weddings, and I’m hoping all the new tips I’ve picked up along the way from friends and mentors will keep me on track with showcasing my recent work! It’s been an incredible year of growth for me as a wedding photographer and I owe it to my clients to share a glimpse of how special their celebrations have been. As the first wedding post on this new site (!!), I’m so excited to share Tiana + Howard’s INCREDIBLE day!

Traveling to photograph Tiana and Howard’s wedding day ranks up there as one of my most memorable experiences yet. They have some of the sweetest friends and family members and the entire day was such a testament to their love and community. I’m so thankful for couples like them that allow me to pursue the work I love in new locales, surrounded by fresh sights. Congratulations on your marriage, I’m so honored to have been a part of your big day!

Floral Design: Little Green Kingdom // Hotel: The Roger Hotel // Ceremony + Reception Venue: Brooklyn Winery // DJ: DJ Dan Chavez of Scratch Weddings // Tailoring: Lai’s Royal Tailoring // Sound/Lighting: Universal Light and Sound // Cake: Tai Pan Bakery

  1. So many things to love about this wedding! The Brooklyn Winery is such a gorgeous venue. Especially love those long tables and the hanging wall plants.

  2. Cassie, seriously you’re my inspiration as wedding photography. Besides the fact that you got to travel to NYC for this wedding (what?!) your wedding photography is so perfect. It’s everything. You can make any venue look amazing, and showcase the unique love that every couple has.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Wow, you are so talented! I love this Brooklyn Winery Wedding!

  4. Your wedding photography from Brooklyn winery is absolutely stunning! The fall colors, stunning details and cool city vibe are perfect inspiration for fall brides. And that tip about using the bridesmaids dresses is awesome! Thanks for that!

  5. Cassie, the Brooklyn Winery looks amazing in this blog. I love the rich, vibrant colors in your prep photos and adore the way you lit the reception to give it a real rustic, fall vibe. Awesome work. 🙂

  6. Kelly Loeffler says:

    This is a beautiful wedding you captured and I love that it took place in the Brooklyn Winery. Their reception photos are so fun. I love their cute exit photo.

  7. Ashlee says:

    Truly stunning photography!! The Brooklyn Winery is so romantic for a fall wedding. Beautiful work!

  8. David says:

    I love all the fun and laughter you captured. I always know when I really enjoy a wedding blog post when I catch myself smiling at my computer screen! Really love the ceremony lighting too.

  9. Oh, come on! Cassie Xie Photography weddings are always stunning. This Brooklyn Winery wedding belongs in a bridal magazine! Gorgeous work as always.

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