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I love when my couples take time to breathe with me. We make photos by exchanging stories and by learning what makes each other laugh. We chase sunlight together, find those quiet spaces in between, and let the wind blow us here and there and anywhere.

I try to create images that show a glimpse into what that first date must’ve been like, and another glance into why two people have chosen to walk so closely together. In a city full of stories, how does this one choose to tell itself? For Sarah and Brian, I think their story moves in unhurried adventure and open air..

One of my favorite engagement sessions yet xoxo. Enjoy!

  1. Anna says:

    Love all of these! Gorgeous work Cassie!

  2. Skylar Allen says:

    My heart is melting these photos are so beautiful! I love the color palette and the shots overlooking the bridge. What an awesome view!

    xo, Skylar

  3. What fun photos. I appreciate the way your composition uses natural framing elements in many of the I ages.

  4. So Beautiful! Stunning backgrounds and posing 🙂

  5. Carly says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Aida says:

    Such a fun session! What a lovely couple:)

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