I returned to Atlanta last month and photographed Zola and Austin’s engagement session at Georgia Tech, just a few steps away from where Zola and I first met back in school. I don’t think I could ever, ever, not even in a million years, get tired of returning to my alma mater for these kinds of love stories. Our campus is an incredible location for portraits. Sunshine in Atlanta takes on a new meaning when it filters through the gingko and maple trees around Tech Tower and hits those brick walkways. Since Georgia Tech is where I first started to dream about pursuing photography as more than just a hobby, and later where I met my now-husband, walking around campus is like taking a journey through some of the favorite parts of my life.. rather cheesy, but true.

One of our mascots (yes, we have two!) is a beautifully-kept 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe, which features in many of my best college memories. I spent SO many game day mornings waking up to the sound of the Ramblin Reck barrelling down 5th Street. I completely associate seeing the Reck with feelings of joy, cheer, and wild excitement.. and now I have a wonderful new memory to add, of exactly how incredible it was to watch Zola and Austin climb into that backseat, ready to take the next step in life together, so focused and utterly in love with one another.

Zola comes from an entire family of Yellow Jackets and served as the President of Ramblin Reck Club (among many other achievements!). Austin hails from the Volunteer State and thought he was a die-hard Vols fan.. until he met Zola. There is so much to learn from simply watching a couple interact. Wherever Zola went, Austin was there. Her hand was always resting in his. They instinctively drew to each other, both in and out of photos. Together, the two of them have traveled to some insane destinations, including New Zealand and Ireland (South Africa and Zambia are up next!!). As we walked around campus, we spent the entire time chatting and laughing, and I got the feeling that this is how Zola and Austin always are. Whether they are out walking their beloved dog together, or off traveling the world, a day with Zola and Austin simply means spending it in each other’s good company and loving each other effortlessly.

These two are getting married next spring and I can’t wait for the celebration! Hope you all enjoy these beautiful photos from their engagement session!

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