When Kristina and Harminder first reached out to me earlier this year, I knew right away that they were exactly the kind of couple that I love spending time with most! They’re both crazy adventurous – Harminder actually proposed to Kristina during the middle of a two-day hike in Kauai! – and love just hanging out and being total goofballs together. They also knew right away that their ideal engagement session would feature Harminder’s old BMW, which I thought was the coolest personal touch. To capture their adventure-seeking life together, we decided on the Point Reyes National Seashore for their engagement session and I set my alarm for 4:00am the night before – eek!

Point Reyes is one of those Bay Area settings here that make me utterly grateful to have made the cross-country move from Georgia. The intense color present in the coastal scenery and the moody, unpredictable feeling of the weather along this edge of the world truly make for some incredible photographs. Kristina and Harminder were the perfect pair to go adventuring in the fog with, and despite the early morning hour and the chill in the air, we had the best time climbing over the sand and dancing along the coastline together. We wandered from the seashore to the famed cypress tree tunnel in Point Reyes, which I had never been to before! It was so cool having the entire row of tall trees completely to ourselves, and the images of Kristina and Harminder racing down the pathway hand in hand are some of my absolute favorites.

I’m so excited to see Kristina and Harminder again at their fusion Indian wedding later this fall! It’s going to be an amazing celebration and I absolutely can’t wait for the festivities! In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the images!

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