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Saumya and Ashish’s couples session in Paris was so full of meaning to me. I last photographed these two about three years ago, shortly after their engagement and before their big wedding festivities in India. It’s hard to put into words how meaningful it felt to reunite with the two of them on a quiet summer morning, halfway across the world in beautiful France. Saumya is both one of my collegiate sorority sisters and a longtime friend from our high school days. I’m so thankful for the funny twists and turns in life that allowed us to meet in Paris for this dream session together!

My sense of direction is hopelessly nonexistent. I love scouting locations through online research and across Google Maps using their satellite terrain view, but I’m outrageously terrible at actually connecting the dots on neighboring streets and how different parts of a map actually connect. I spent crazy amounts of time planning Saumya and Ashish’s Tuileries Garden shoot (among other Europe portrait sessions), without ever realizing the Louvre Museum was right across the street! My jaw literally dropped when we wandered over and that iconic glass pyramid came into view. I feel like that moment alone defines 99% of my traveling adventures (and let’s be honest, my everyday life): while I am typically outrageously lost, at the same time, I never quite emotionally feel that way, and my favorite discoveries and memories are made while keeping my eyes and ears open to whatever comes my way.

We met up at the crack of dawn for that golden morning light, and Paris certainly didn’t disappoint. We finished our session right as the day was beginning to heat up and shortly before I had to scramble to the airport to catch my flight back home! I couldn’t dream up a better way to wrap up my Europe travels than with Saumya and Ashish on this romantic morning. They are absolutely in love and so, so caring with one another. It never feels like taking photos with them – simply a lovely date that I’ve been lucky enough to be invited into.

I hope you all enjoy the photos!

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