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It strikes me often that if not for photographing, I wouldn’t go on half the adventures I currently enjoy. I’ve caught more sunsets (and sunrises!), read more historical landmark placards, and hiked dusty trails for far longer than my camera-less self would have ever normally done. I’ve also learned to take in the world with a bit of a conservationist attitude. I automatically find myself measuring light in new spaces and wondering, “How can I capture what’s passing through here?”. Meeting and working with others through the lens of my camera is the same. I want to know, “How do I convey the unique beauty of this couple, these individuals, in a way that’s both exciting and new, but also invites nostalgia, recognition, and compassion with those familiar with them as friends?” It is a constant, ongoing study in listening and learning. There is seemingly no end to this road of adventure, and for as long as my feet and camera continue to step along, I think chasing this kind of beautiful storytelling is a journey that I am 100% happy to take.

Here’s the latest adventure step, presented through the form of some of my favorite images from Rebeka and Nick’s engagement session at and all around the historic grounds of Filoli Historic House and Garden, a place that I never tire of visiting and photographing at. Despite the 100+ degree heat that day, there was so much genuine laughter in our time together. I can’t wait to celebrate these two at their wedding next year!

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