Ethan was in his second year of his residency at the University of Maryland. Angela was just starting her third year of medical school. They met when Angela’s surgical rotation took her through the ophthomology department – specifically, Ethan’s department. The two were paired together in many mentoring sessions. To Ethan, Angela was a bright and curious student. To Angela, Ethan was a great teacher and physician, and their relationship was strictly professional. It wasn’t until a couple weeks after Angela’s rotation ended that they both happened to be out at the same bar in Baltimore on a Saturday night. With plenty of liquid courage, Angela approached Ethan and asked him out! After verifying that Angela had no interest in pursuing ophtho as a career, Ethan agreed and suggested a Thai restaurant for their first date. Two nights later, they started dating and never stopped.

Angela and Ethan were married almost a year when they decided to celebrate their marriage in front of friends and family. Rather than trying to make their “wedding day” the perfect visual celebration, these two decided to elope at a small courthouse and then focus on recognizing all the friends and loved ones involved in leading them to one another. People came from all over the globe. The bride wore the palest blush gown. Her groom spun her around and around and they made toasts to every single guest in attendance. And in their selfless, loving gestures.. this became one of my favorite weddings of all time. Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Cinnabar Hills Golf Club // Dress: BoLee Bridal // Cake: Cake Expressions // Florist: Ann’s Petals // Hair & Makeup: A-List Makeup // Transportation: Corinthian Transportation

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