kristina + mitch | TILDEN PARK ENGAGEMENT

Kristina and Mitch and their sunny engagement session have been brightening up my screen all week! I loved getting to know these two (and their adorable pup) better as we explored the various trails of Tilden Park and Lake Anza together. Whether we were dancing through the woods or simply trying to find where the walkway had disappeared to (you wouldn’t believe how often this happened..), these two were up for anything! This engagement session was a beautiful adventure through East Bay and I’m so glad these two trusted me with capturing their love.

While Kristina is local and from Cupertino, her fiancé Mitch hails from Brazil. The two of them love exploring the outdoors and have some incredible plans on how to bring the beauty of their current surroundings into their upcoming wedding. I can’t wait for their wedding next year!

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