Several years ago, I posted in an Atlanta Facebook group for creatives, searching for an assistant photographer on an engagement session. I had no idea that what I would actually find was a friend who would respond to my texts at all hours of the night, a role model who would inspire me to take the big leap as a full-time photographer, and an ever-patient sounding board for all of my worries, visions and biggest dreams. So it was a delight catching Natalie between photography trips to Iceland and Barcelona and returning with her to the elegant Cator Woolford Gardens where we first met, this time with her husband and son, for a family portrait session.

Spending a sun-kissed afternoon with Natalie, her AMAZING husband Tyler, and curly-haired Gabe, in whose presence I could not stop laughing, was so life-giving. Photographing a fellow photographer, especially one as talented and renowned as Natalie, could come with a crushing sense of pressure, but with a friendship based on the ideals of community over competition, she gracefully set aside her photographer hat and became the dream client for a day. We strolled the grounds of Cator Woolford Gardens as the fall leaves drifted down around us, immortalizing on film the love and admiration little Gabe has for his parents, and the vibrant love they have for him and for each other.

Filling my trips home to Atlanta with photo shoots, especially ones with dear friends, make those visits even sweeter. Check out a few of the photos from my fun-filled photo session with the Jackson family below.

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