The light truly loves these two.

Waking up before sunrise to explore the quiet morning scenes of San Francisco with Liz and Wes was worth every single minute of lost sleep. I typically recommend conducting engagement sessions either early in the day or later towards the evening, for a variety of reasons from ideal lighting to crowd control. By arriving right at the literal crack of dawn, it was the emptiest I’ve EVER seen Sutro Baths and Land’s End. The three of us walked down to the old bath house ruins with just a handful of happily bathing ducks for company. One of the more curious ducks followed us all around, and you can see him quacking away in the third photo below!

We had all the time and space in the world to create some incredible photographs, and I knew that this would be the case the second I saw Liz and Wes step out of their car! Can you believe their stunning and elegant style? Both Wes’s well-tailored suit and Liz’s off-shoulder ruffled gown looked so striking against the muted morning sky. As the sun slowly crept up, we walked deeper into Land’s End for some jaw dropping images against the grassy fields and iconic cypress trees.

I couldn’t imagine that we would follow up┬áthe scenes at Sutro Baths and Land’s End with anything better, but then Liz and Wes graciously invited me to their new apartment in downtown San Francisco, and I was completely blown away by the high-rise’s incredible skyline view. The directional morning light highlighted the two of them perfectly, and I loved how comfortable Liz and Wes looked, at peace in their new home together. These two were such a delight to photograph and I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding in Southern California later this year! Hope you all enjoy these engagement session photographs!

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