One of my absolute favorite parts of this job has got to be photographing weekday elopement weddings at San Francisco’s city hall! Asides from the fact that Michael and I got married there in 2017 (who am I kidding – returning to this space and reliving all those memories is a HUGE part of why I love it so much), San Francisco’s city hall is just so undeniably stunning. I love the clean architectural lines, the beautiful marble tones, and soft lighting inside the structure. There are sooo many tiny details within the intricate craftsmanship there that I honestly feel like I discover a new secret feature everytime I visit! While weekday weddings are often some of the most straightforward celebrations that I get to capture, there’s definitely no lack of beauty and love in these intimate marriages.

I’ve never had two city hall weddings look exactly alike. There’s SO much versatility in how you can choose to dress up your city hall celebration, which I think is one of the best parts of having a tiny wedding! When I met Judy and Greg in the rotunda and saw their coordinated wedding outfits, I’m pretty sure I literally jumped up and down in excitement! How amazing do these two look?! We never took more than a handful of steps around the building without someone pausing to compliment their wedding style!

I knew that I absolutely wanted to get Judy and Greg an iconic staircase shot, so we made sure to coordinate the best possible time for their wedding appointment at city hall. Certain days and time slots at city hall are historically better than others when it comes to getting “clean” shots in your wedding photos, and I’m so thankful that these two made photography a major priority and trusted me with planning their wedding schedule! I truly believe that the crowd-free photos that we got were entirely worth it!! I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite images from the day below. Congratulations again to Judy and Greg, I loved meeting your families and am so excited for you two and the rest of your lives together!

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