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christy + cameron | COYOTE HILLS REGIONAL PARK

I was so excited to photograph this little family’s casual portrait session, especially after I found out that we would have a bit of a celebrity joining in on our shoot.. little miss Eva, to be exact! This sweet golden retriever puppy has the most adorable Instagram feed, thanks to her talented photographer mom, Christy. I was so (happily) surprised to learn that this session of ours was actually Eva’s first real outdoor adventure! You could totally tell how excited she was to explore the world! From the second her parents picked her up out of the car and set her down on the ground, she was off!!

We had the best time walking this cute pup around the beautiful Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, CA and laughing as Eva discovered all the fun sights and sounds around her. As the sun slowly set, we were all treated to the most beautiful glowing light over the rolling hills. It was my first time photographing at Coyote Hills Regional Park, and it’s definitely somewhere I can’t wait to return to! The space is so unique and vast, with almost a desert-like vibe in the scrubby, low bushes and sandy palette. I love watching the scene around us shift – from wild grasses, to small pools of water, to bits of old, weathered rock formations rising up from the ground. The park grounds were also incredibly convenient to access, with ample parking and easy walking trails all over the area. Once Eva had her fill of sniffing around, we focused our second half of portraits on her parents, Christy and Cameron. These two are obviously each other’s partner in life. Photographing the two of them together was SO easy. I’m so thankful to have gotten the chance to photograph Christy and Cameron (and Eva!) together, and hope you all enjoy the images!

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