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I can’t get enough of these sunset engagement sessions! I recently traveled up to scenic Mount Tamalpais State Park with Erica and Stephen, and the views there definitely didn’t disappoint. These two both work in the medical field with absolutely INSANE alternating schedules, and our time together was one of the only days that month where they were awake at the same time! Despite the fact that Stephen had to report for a night shift right after our shoot (!!!), we made the most of our adventure up north and seriously enjoyed taking in that beautiful California sunlight.

Mt. Tamalpais is just north of San Francisco, but the drive there involves winding around on some classic mountain roads. From the vantage point up high, you can see the huge clouds of fog rolling into the city down below! The cell reception in this area can be tricky, so we actually met up at the Starbucks in Mill Valley and then carpooled into Mt. Tamalpais together. Along the way, I was able to listen and hear so much about Erica and Stephen’s story together – their life in the city, their dreams for the future, past adventures they’ve had all over the world together, and just how much they value these current shared moments, no matter how brief they are. I’m so thankful to have had this time with these two. In the work that I do, it can feel so crazy sometimes to come in and out of the lives of previously unknown strangers, and so often during some of the BIGGEST moments of their lives! I absolutely love taking the hyperspeed jumpĀ from that “getting to know you” phase, to entering the “allow me to photograph one of the greatest passions of your life… right now” scene. These two were such a joy to be around, and I hope you all enjoy the photos from this beautiful afternoon!

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