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Kirsten and Peter are absolute dream clients. Like, I could squeeze my eyes shut right now and try and imagine my dream couple and dream engagement session, and these two would waltz right in. This was my first engagement session for a 2019 wedding booking, and I’m SO happy with how I feel about these images. They completely set the tone for how I see next year’s wedding season unfolding – full of artistic intention, deep love, and wild laughter.

For Kirsten and Peter’s engagement session, we met up at Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, California. This space is such a hidden gem in the Bay Area! Given the adventurous nature of Kirsten and Peter’s relationship together (think: an overseas proposal,┬áPeter’s Vikings heritage, and their long-distance relationship over months when Peter’s work took him out at sea), we knew we wanted a space that echoed these sentiments in a wide and open manner. From describing their overall vision for their shoot to planning the little details of their outfits with me, I LOVED the thought and intention these two put into their portraits. Honestly, their genuine excitement leading up to our session together (and during it!) completely fueled the energy and feeling of their engagement session, which I see in their images and appreciate so, so much.

A crazy story to share: Peter’s left eye bears testament to a fireworks accident from several years ago. I’ve NEVER seen anything quite like it and I’m not sure I entirely believe him when he says his vision hasn’t been affected. It’s a pretty incredible sight to see, so we made sure to document it with a fun, close up portrait.

I hope you all enjoy these engagement sessions images – I know that I love them very, very much. I’m counting down the days until their wedding in New Jersey next year, I absolutely can’t wait!!

  1. Joann Moritz says:

    These images are unbelievably beautiful! Like a painting. Those colors–reds, rust and gold, just glowing!

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