This unbelievable wedding celebration was packed with SO many incredible events throughout the weekend. Cass and Ramit’s wedding was hands-down one of the most exciting, thoughtful weddings I’ve ever been a part of, which should come as no surprise to those who know this couple! They are both such talented, community-loving people. Cass is a personal stylist and the founder of Next Level Wardrobe. Ramit is a personal finance advisor and the author of the New York Times Bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I knew from the moment we connected that this wedding was going to be an incredible affair, and I’m so excited to share the images with you all!

The first day of Cass and Ramit’s wedding weekend at the Ritz-Calton in Lake Tahoe started with a colorful mehndi party for the immediate family. It was a sunny, summery day in Tahoe, but there were plenty of cool refreshments and lounge seating options for all the guests, while henna artists created beautiful works of art in the shade. From our spot on the outdoor courtyard, we were able to excitedly watch the construction of the custom sangeet archway happen on the lawn. Towards the end of the mehndi party, Cass and Ramit slipped away for a quick wardrobe change, and then arrived back in full grand entrance style, accompanied by a lively mariachi band (a nod towards the bride’s Latino heritage)! The couple led their procession of friends and family all the way into the sangeet tent, passing through the golden archway that signified the entrance to this next stage of the wedding.

This jaw-dropping space for the sangeet was inspired by traditional outdoor Indian spice markets. Spices common to Indian cuisine lined the pathway into the draped tent, while fresh blossoms floated all around in bowls of water. Guests were treated to choreographed performances by many of the immediate family members, followed by an epic Jago performance with a traditional drummer and plenty of gaggar pots for everyone to dance with!

We somehow managed to catch some sleep before getting up bright and early the next morning for the traditional Sikh turban-tying ceremony. After that came one of the most exciting baraats I’ve ever witnessed! Ramit made his way through the resort grounds on horseback, accompanied by the rousing sounds of traditional drummers, with all of his cheering family and friends around him. At the end of the groom’s procession, the two families exchanged garlands while the priests played beautiful melodies on their harmoniums. The bride stayed tucked away throughout these events and the anticipation of waiting for her entrance was such a momentous and perceptible feeling all that morning! I felt like we all collectively took a deep breath together when she stepped down the aisle on the arms of her future sister-in-laws. The traditional Sikh ceremony was a beautiful highlight of that day and I’m so thankful to have been a part of the proceedings.

Afterwards, without a second to lose, we raced into preparations for the second ceremony of the day. Cass and Ramit’s elegant Catholic ceremony took place on the lawn. I particularly love how Cass chose to keep her traditional Sikh bangles on for this second ceremony. Seeing her come down the aisle in her insanely elegant dress and simple, yet striking veil definitely brought me to tears.. and I wasn’t the only one!

With a peaceful wind blowing through the pine trees, these two exchanged their wedding vows and with a final kiss and a huge cheer from the crowd, we were off to the reception! A miraculous transformation the night before had changed the tent into a stylish outdoor garden space, featuring tabletops adorned with driftwood and white blossom arrangements, as well as twinkling hanging planters from the ceiling. Inside the tent, guests were once again treated to an otherworldly al fresco dining experience, complete with a live opera performance! All of the speeches were wonderfully heartfelt, and it was clearly obvious how much Cass and Ramit meant to their friends and family, and vice versa. I’m so thankful to have documented this weekend from beginning to end! Hope you all enjoy the images!

Photography: Cassie Valente | Planning: Brilliant Event Planning | Film Lab: Photovision | Venue: Ritz-Carlton Tahoe | Rentals: Red Carpet Events Design | Singer/Music: Goga Music | Videography: Dax Victorino | Hair + Makeup: Makeup by Flynn | Dress: Katie May

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