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I launched my first-ever California mini sessions earlier this year, a series of shoots that ended up being one of my favorite highlights of the 2022 season. Strangely, despite having lived in San Francisco for the past seven years, I’ve only ever done mini sessions back in my hometown on the east coast. This year felt as good as any to give a heartfelt salute to some of my all-time favorite locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m so proud to say I ended up photographing over twenty different families across my five separate mini session days.

Mini sessions are the perfect option for those looking for a quick holiday card photo, or a simple way to preserve memories without the commitment of a longer, private booking. Several of my minis this year were with new faces, but I’m also immensely thankful to share that the greater majority of those days was spent reuniting with past couples and old friends.

I photographed Jordyn and Walter’s wedding back in 2019, at the very venue where they both met while working for the city of San Francisco. Since then, we’ve all had quite a few updates.. including the introduction to the world of little Mateo. I’m always honored to be a part of these incredible life events, and believe strongly in the importance of photographs in an ever-changing world. I’m so excited to share this quick glimpse of my San Francisco mini sessions on the blog today – hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I do!

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